Madhappy Soho

On Saturday, we opened the doors to our newest store, located in the heart of Soho in New York City. This is our third time that we have popped up in NYC and our first time being here this year. We are so excited to be back and share all of our new clothing, experiences and events with our community here. The store itself was inspired by the Good Design period, mainly the couple Ray and Charles Eames. Aluminum fixtures throughout are complimented by custom pastel colors. We tried to bring some California elements to the east coast with sand and cacti serving as trims throughout the store. The space is also home to our ongoing installation, The Self-Reflection Chamber, first debuted at out Melrose Place Pop-Up, we are continuing to introduce new volumes of the Chamber and will be taking it with us as we open around the world. We will be having a series of events throughout our stay in Soho that include conversations around mental health, wellness activations and in-store exclusives. Checkout some photos below and be sure to stop by. We are open until the end of the year.

Artwork by    Gina Canter   .   25 Howard Street. New York, NY 10013.  Open Everyday, 10AM - 8PM.

Artwork by Gina Canter.

25 Howard Street. New York, NY 10013.

Open Everyday, 10AM - 8PM.

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