Mh. Team Picks 7/29


Whats the best meal you’ve had recently?

Mason - Thats a good one. It would have to be something home-cooked actually. My girlfriend is half Italian and absolutely spoils me in the kitchen. She recently made a traditional Italian dish that I had never heard of before called piazzaiola. It was wonderful now that I’m writing this I’m going to ask for it tonight.

Noah - Felix Trattoria in Venice or Sushi Gen in Downtown; (best sushi in LA – please @ me).


Peiman - Ma'am Sir in Silverlake

Josh - Giorgio Baldi. My partner Noah Raf took me here a couple of weeks back and I could not get enough of it. We love pasta.

Chuhk - Recently I was in Vegas attending a boxing match and was invited to a dinner at Costa Di Mare at the Wynn. Aside from the Italian dishes and fresh seafood being nothing short of pure ecstasy, the service was the best I have experienced in a long time. Highly recommend.

If you could take a summer vacation anywhere in the world, where would it be and why?

Mason - I think it would be Iceland. Seeing the Northern Lights is on my bucket list. I was actually planning on taking the trip a few years back but things fell through. It’s also underratedly close.


Noah - I would love to explore the Middle East – Iran, Turkey, Morocco. I am originally from Iran and haven't had a chance to go back and be rooted in my foundation since I was 3 or 4 years old. I feel like a piece of the "real me" is out there somewhere.

Peiman - Manarola, Italy :) Relaxing, no cell service, no wifi, great food & good times!

Josh - Amsterdam. I have never been but heard great things of the architecture, fashion, culture and food! Hope to make it there soon.

Chuhk - If I could go anywhere for a summer vacation it would most likely be in Italy or Spain. Haven't traveled much as an adult so ideally I would be seeing new places.

What’s something about Madhappy that people might not know?

Mason - That we might not exist if it weren’t for Pepperdine basketball.

Noah - That we are based in the Arts District of Downtown, Los Angeles.

Peiman - We used to put a space between Mad and happy :)

Josh - We are two years old, yet I think all of us feel like this brand has become part of our lifetime DNA. At the same time, we have so much to learn and so much more we can create in the years to come. The journey has only just begun!

Screen Shot 2019-07-29 at 3.04.18 PM.png

Chuhk - Something people might not know about Madhappy is how hard our team works. Recently our family has grown but for a while is was just the small group of us. I think people would be surprised if they saw how much time and effort is put forth on all ends of the company. The environment pushes you to better yourself constantly and I think that energy has a lot to do with our growth.

The NFL season is upon us, what is your prediction for Super Bowl 54?

Mason - Die hard Lions fan my whole life. Will this be the year we win our first super bowl? Probably not. Am I going to let that stop me from making that my prediction? Probably not. Lions Pats, Patricia revenge game.

Noah - Hm. I hope the LA Rams win it all.

Peiman - Rams!

Josh - Patriots. Unfortunately... I am a big Giants fan and it seems our glory days are behind us.

Chuhk - Can't tell you who's going to win the Super Bowl but the numbers say I will most likely win at least one of my fantasy football leagues.


How’s everything going with you right now? What have been some highlights of your summer?

Mason - That’s very kind of you to ask. Things are going well. I recently celebrated a year of sobriety and my 25th birthday within a week of each other. That was nice. I am going on a trip next week to a very special place to me called Algonquin Park. If you know then you know. Aside from that just trying to live life one day at a time and make sure that I am constantly checking in with myself on how I am doing and expressing what’s going on with me, however big or small.

Noah - Everything feels great for the most part! We are at a super exciting time in our company so I am pumped to come to work everyday. As for my personal life, I could use some more "me" time– so I am looking forward to this vacation I have planned for later in the month. Highlights of my summer include hanging out at the beach and boogie boarding. I love to boogie board.

Peiman - It's been busy for all of us so trying to keep up and keep it going. Hard to always have the same mental and physical energy for it but trying to stay balanced and work off each other to continue building.

Josh - I’ve been playing a lot of sports, specifically soccer, and it has significantly improved my mental health and ability to relax a bit over the weekends. It’s not only the sweat, but also the competition that’s filled a needed gap for me this summer.

Chuhk - Right now I'm pretty content. There are some things on my mind that I need to do a better job addressing that could improve my outlook on a day to day basis but overall I am in a good place right now. I just bought myself a truck I'd been looking at for a long time and it feels good to reward myself for hard work. I think everyone is looking forward to a little vacation time before the fall season is upon us. I'm taking my new truck up the coastline to Carmel for a little golf trip and hitting Yosemite on the way back. Yosemite is my favorite spot for an escape. I always leave in a better place than I came.


The End.