Mh. Team Picks 6/28

1. What song have you had on repeat recently?


Noah - Chin Chin by Sean Nicholas Savage. I was telling Mason & Chuck the other day how it must have been a great feeling when Sean came up with this beat/melody. So catchy. Has that incredible summer pool party vibe.

Peiman - No Show by Toro Y Moi. Best song to listen to first thing in the morning. Starts my day off right. 

Josh - Don’t turn it off by 40 Thieves. The beat is mellow and calming which makes it easy for me to play on repeat. I imagine myself tanning in the sun when I listen to it.

Chuhk - Estoril a Noite by The Durutti Column. This band was actually reintroduced to me by another member of our Mh team, Dai. He had me play an NTS radio playlist he enjoyed and this song came on and took me by the hand. I'd never heard it before and it reminded me of khruangbin with a more ambient make up. It's definitely not a summer bop, but it's a must have for your chill playlist.   

Mason – The entire album of “Go For Your Guns” by The Isley Brothers. I have been sleeping on soul for way to long and finally realized how special it is and how good it makes me feel. Also incredible to hear how many songs I grew up with that sample that album.


2. What are you watching right now or have watched recently?

Noah – Big Little Lies + Handmaid's Tail. I mean...what more do I need to say?!

Peiman – I haven't been watching anything but what I've really been enjoying listening to is Gary Vee’s podcast, The Tartare Project by my good friend Phil Toronto and 10% Happier with Dan Harris.  

Josh – “The 80’s” on Netflix. It’s a tv show that gives insight into life, culture and perspective of the 80’s. It also shows how technology and the politics influence the transition into and out of the 80’s. Highly recommend this. Older folks will get a good kick out of it too.

Chuhk – I've been watching a lot of interviews and footage on youtube lately. I'm honestly pretty bored with TV and Netflix at the moment and have found it much more enjoyable to indulge 


Mason – Still powering through Sopranos for the first time which I started in February, on the last season now. With the way Thrones ended, Sopranos has GOAT show potential for me. Aside from that HBO still owns my Sunday nights with Big Little Lies and Euphoria. Season 2 of BLL seems unnecessary and I promised myself I would not watch anymore Euphoria after the pilot.

3. What are some fashion pieces everyone needs for summer?

Noah – A great pair of swim trunks. I love what Saturdays NYC is doing. Really strong quality with understated branding. Bravo.

Peiman – Our sky short. 


Josh – In terms of basic needs — Bucket Hat. Havaina Sandals. Orlebar Brown Suit. On the more fashion forward side, I might go for a Meshika x Madhappy Straw Hat ;) or a Surf Suit from TCSS.

Chuhk – Can't say that there is any trend right now that I would consider a must have, I personally think the sneaker game is really getting dragged out and would love to see more loafers used in a creative/contemporary way. I'm also focused on layering long sleeves under short sleeved button up shirts.

Here are a few brands to indulge in...

    1. Telfar

    2. Serapis

    3. Bode

Mason – A great pair of sunglasses can be found anywhere, I rock gas station frames everyday. A pair of sandals, I’ve been on suicokes lately. And a nice sized tote bag for all your beach needs.

4. What is overrated about summer? What is underrated?

Noah – Nothing is overrated about summer & everything is underrated about summer. I'm serious! 

Peiman – The fourth of July is overrated. Late sunsets are underrated.


Josh – Dining out is overrated. You spend much more time waiting for a table than you do eating and I rather just grab a quick slice or picnic to spend more quality time outdoors! Bicycles are underrated. We don’t realize how nice it is until we get on them and how much more there is to explore on a bicycle. I love summer!

Chuhk – Subjectively I'm not a big beach guy. At least not unless I'm on vacation. Sand is kind of annoying and I always get sunburnt no matter how much I prepare. Vacations are underrated. Feels like more companies are cool with letting you take vacations in the summer for some reason. Idk if that's true just an observation. Regardless people should take advantage.

Mason – Its underrated how beautiful our planet is, I feel like that goes unnoticed sometimes since there is so many things that distract us. I gotta agree with P on this one and say that the 4th of July is insanely overrated.

5. What’s a brand that more people should know about?

Noah – Ader Error is an awesome brand from Korea. Super simple but very detailed oriented and thoughtful. I still need to grab my first piece!

Peiman – The Big Quiet. I love Jesse's work and all that he's doing to change the mental health space and bring people together. 

Josh – French brand Lemaire is a brand everyone should know. They make comfortable and loose fitting pieces with a Parisian twist. They make items you can wear a lot and are not difficult to just throw on. But everything they make is a statement piece because of their detailing. They aren’t loud w their brand. Very understated. Don’t want attention. Let their designs speak for themselves. They don’t want to be known. Makes it feel like it’s for people on the inside. Highly recommend you checkout their store in Paris. Custom furniture at the store by Faye Toogood.

Chuhk – More people need to know about Bode. Will be a household name sooner than later. Story MFG has a really cool SS20 coming as well.

Mason – Snowpeak. My buddy Eli took me to their store in NYC and I was blown away. Highly recommend checking them out. 

The End.