Melrose Place Pop Up

Artwork by    Gina Canter   .   8459 Melrose Place. Los Angeles, CA 90069.  Open Everyday, 10AM - 7PM.

Artwork by Gina Canter.

8459 Melrose Place. Los Angeles, CA 90069.

Open Everyday, 10AM - 7PM.

Madhappy is back on Melrose Place. After the success of our 2018 summer pop up on Melrose Place, we decided to return to the block for another immersive experience. While no longer in the same exact location (due to that building no longer existing) we have set up shop in a beautiful corner space where Alfred & Melrose Place meet. As for the space itself, it fuses together several architectural styles to create a welcoming & interactive experience.

Metal racks and fixtures give off an industrial feel, while a centerpiece table with built in benches reflect a more mid-century vibe. By reflecting multiple styles, the store has a unique feel and stands out in ways unfamiliar to traditional retail. Zen gardens can be found built into the floor around the space, which help keep the serene ambiance as your explore. Retail aside, the back of the space features a large room dedicated to interaction. Here the brands staple "_________ makes me Madhappy" wall is featured, encouraging anyone who walks in to sign the wall and express himself or herself creatively. Along the back wall is a custom built, wall-to-wall deck sofa upholstered with vintage lavender velvet. And set in the middle of the room is a 6 x 8’ build out that is dubbed the ‘Self-Reflection Chamber.’ This room has mirrors along the walls, ceiling and floor. It is intended as a space to quiet the mind and reflect on all the different versions of ourselves that we experience throughout life, as well as the literal infinite versions of ourselves that we are seeing in the room. All in all, the store does an impressive job of balancing shop & play. It is whimsical yet sophisticated, a collage of styles that fit together like a jigsaw puzzle.

Outside of the store itself, we will be hosting a series of events and happenings throughout our stay. From album listening parties, to our panels on mental health, we are looking to foster inclusive community gatherings that are open to the public. Similar to last year, we are shutting down the street and having a block party later in July that we are very excited about it. Stay tuned to our social channels for any upcoming events and come by to see us! Open Everyday, 10AM – 7PM.

The End.