Meditation with Jesse Israel

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After experiencing debilitating panic attacks throughout the early stage of his career, Jesse turned to meditation as a way to destress and find guidance. Jesse used his past experiences and founded The Big Quiet (TBQ), a movement that gathers thousands of people at a time for mass meditations. When Jesse is not leading TBQ, he is speaking about community building and mental health support through meditation courses throughout the country.

We met Jesse last year when we were lucky enough to experience one of his life-altering 3-day meditation courses. We all loved it and decided we had to bring Jesse’s work to the we decided Madhappy community. 

Last week we invited Jesse Israel to our Abbot Kinney Pop Up to host a similar meditation course. The course took place over three nights where Jesse went in-depth behind the science and the effects of meditation, and why it’s something we need to practice daily. 

Meditating twice a day for twenty minutes each time takes up less than 3% of our day and significantly betters the other 97%. Meditation not only is a major stress-reducer, but it helps us build a higher tolerance to daily stress the more we practice. Apart from benefits when it comes to stress-management, meditating produces higher levels of dopamine and serotonin which helps us when it comes to forming a more positive outlook on life and staying strong in the face of stressful and negative emotions. When we meditate, we create a deeper connections to ourselves, with those around us, and to our purpose and personal power. Deep meditation can act almost better than sleep at times and helps repair and restore our energy levels. 


What is so unique about this workshop was that it not only focuses on self-reflection and self-betterment, but it helped us build a community around mental health and combating stress together.  We often forget that when it comes to mental health, asking for help and discussing your emotions are the bravest thing you can do. Together we can accomplish so much.

Thank you Jesse for an incredibly impactful and meaningful event. We learned so much from you and hope to spread this community of positivity and emphasize the importance of prioritizing our mental health within the Madhappy community. Keep up the amazing work!

For more information about Jesse, and all of the incredible work he’s doing, check out this video below!

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