July Recap

By Mason Spector & Natalie Emmerman

So… what went down in July?

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With the reinvention of the 1994 Disney Classic, came an almost shot for shot remake in CGI. With Donald Glover playing Simba and Beyoncé playing Nala, there was already lots of buzz circulating months before the movie’s release. Though the question is, if all the buzz was worth it. There’s always controversy when a classic is remade – we wonder, why fix something that isn’t broken, especially with the cultural impact and pure childhood spirit that the 1994 version captured. The remake was debatably unnecessary, although aspects of it were nostalgic and reminiscent of our childhoods. Of course the CGI was exceptional, with its realistic depiction of rich the African landscape and its animals, though I wonder if some of original Lion King’s simplistic essence was lost through these technological advancements. There were elements that seemed cheesy and misplaced, but that’s what happens when you dare touch a classic. Many people noticed the CGI animals inability to emote in the same way that the cartoons or humans do, which reads differently when the characters are less emotive. The story itself is undoubtedly emotional nonetheless, but don’t go in expecting the perfection of the original. However it’s essential messaging – familial loyalty, sacrifice, good prevailing over evil, and kindness – seem to still shine through despite some wonkiness.


Tarantino can really do no wrong. The film was Tarantino’s best opening yet, with good reason. The movie’s run time is almost 3 hours, though it never feels like it. It has a large ensemble cast, but also stars icons Pitt and DiCaprio, who play a stunt double and his aging Hollywood actor who witnesses the Golden Age of Hollywood changing right before their eyes. Naturally, they get entangled with the Manson Family and Sharon Tate, though the fate of the murder is altered in the world of fantasy in the film, with a more lighter ending, let’s just say. It reminds movie lovers why we love movies, with its energy and biting dialogue that makes for the most entertaining viewing experience. It uses real life events and actors from history and nods to moments of American cinema to cleverly narrate a sort of fairytale of the most glamorous age and industry. It whisks you away right into the crazy world of Hollywood and makes you laugh, gasp, and shriek, all with a sense of levity. It is without a doubt a love letter to Hollywood; that even with all the madness that comes with it, comes a lot of magic too.


Lastly, it was a big month to celebrate women in sports. We watched the world fall in love with 15 year old Cori “Coco” Guaff this year at Wimbledon. The love affair certainly continued despite a 6-3 6-3 defeat against Simona Halep on the very same court where just days earlier the teen earned her spot as a tennis icon in her victory over one of her competitive idols, Venus Williams. Gauff is the youngest winner at Wimbledon since 1991, and it was nice to see a new name in the mix amongst our favorite tennis classics. Not only did women earn their front-cover spot at Wimbledon this July, we we saw true tests of strength off the court and onto the field. The United States Women’s Soccer team as they climbed their way to the No. 1 soccer team in the world and took home the trophy at the 2019 Women’s World Cup. The 90 minute match against England was nothing short of chaotic, brilliant, and displayed true heart. In a single word, it was thrilling and left you with a massive smile on your face. Despite being the obvious favorite against England, The U.S. stayed determined, played a clean game, and never seemed in doubt of achieving victory. This July, female athletes gained nothing short of the world’s utmost respect.


The End.