Fourth the Kids

This Fourth of July weekend Madhappy helped host their 3rd annual fundraiser with Fourth the Kids Foundation. Fourth The Kids is an annual independence day weekend charity gala focused on empowering young adults to give back to kids and other young adults. The Foundation, founded by young like-minded entrepreneurs, began in 2017  and has now raised more than $75,000 for youth-centered charities. Each recipient of Fourth the Kids’ efforts is a charity focussed on a wide-variety of issues, all of which face young adults. 

This year’s beneficiary was The Jed Foundation, a nonprofit focussed on the prevention of suicide and the protection of emotional wellness in young teens and youth across the nation. We’ve previously worked with The Jed Foundation when releasing our mental health capsule with Happy Not Perfect, called Positive Reinforcement. The goal for the fundraiser was to raise $35k and with over 600 attendees, we surpassed our goal and raised $50k. 

At Madhappy, we are both inspired and honored to be able to work with organizations who coincide with our brands mission; to creatively and significantly open up the conversation and platforms surrounding mental health. This weekend we were reminded of not only how many people are dedicated to making a difference, but how big of an impact we can make when we come together to achieve a goal. 

The End.