August Picks


As summer is coming to an end, lets check in with our founding team and see what they’re up to…

What has been the best part of your summer?

Joshua Sitt: The opening of two pop-up stores in LA was the best part of my summer. We took on a very difficult challenge that seemed daunting and nearly impossible but were able to execute it very well. While the stages leading up to opening the stores were stressful, once they were finally open I had an amazing feeling of accomplishment. I think its important to push ourselves to new heights as we continue to grow. That can mean anything from growing our company to our relationships to our health etc.


Noah Raf: The weather & travel. I was fortunate enough to take a week off and travel Europe with my girlfriend. It was my first time in Greece and it won’t be the last. 

Peiman Raf: Opening two pop ups :) and going to Aspen with friends!

Chuhk Bennett: I found a lot of good music this summer which always leads me to a strong creative pocket. In all honesty I don't enjoy the weather in the summer but I like that people feel inclined to have more social gatherings. More parties, dinners concerts etc. 


Mason Spector: I got to go back to my old summer camp for the first time in 5 years. Having spent 11 summers there and being the third generation in my family to go there it has a very very special place in my heart. I met my best friends there. I fell in love there. I grew up there. It really rejuvenated me and fed my soul in a way that is hard to describe.

What are you most looking forward to in the fall?

 Joshua Sitt: The change in weather. There is a certain feel to weather patterns that makes me comfortable and cozy. Maybe its because I can put on a Madhappy hoodie but not feel winter cold. Maybe it’s because its the days leading up to Christmas/vacation. Whatever it is, I love the Fall!


Noah Raf: Once summer is up, everyone seems to get “back in the groove” of work & hopefully we can take a big stride during that time. We have a lot of amazing projects coming up and I’m excited for the world to see them. 

Peiman Raf: NYC pop up and cooler temps in LA!
Chuhk Bennett: Everything about the fall is perfect. The weather, football, the trees and of course fashion. I like the transition to the cold and the anticipation of holiday season.

Mason Spector: Very pumped to be able to see all these movies that I have been seeing make the festival circuit. Joker specifically. Joaquin the goat. Also very pumped for the return of football, both pro and college. This is the year Michigan makes the CFP. This is the year the Lions get the first playoff win of my lifetime. 



What are some goals that you set for yourself in 2019 that you still have to accomplish in this last third of the year?

 Joshua Sitt: I have made it my goal to be more present and in the moment when spending time with people. During work hours I find myself overly attached to my phone and it has noticeably damaged my attention span and ability to hold meaningful conversations during all hours of the day. I have already made significant progress but hope to perfect my working habits in Q3 so I can be my best self!

Noah Raf: Focus more on myself. 

Peiman Raf: Work on my mental and physical health more despite being busy with work!

Chuhk Bennett: I told myself I would read more in 2019 and I have done nothing to make that happen. I don't even know if i want to read or just be seen as someone who reads. Either way I should probably look into finding a book before years end. 

Mason Spector: To keep writing. Earlier in the year I had a great rhythm of journaling and documenting all my ideas. As the year progressed and I got busier I started to lose the habit, would really like to pick that back up again.


Any good content recommendations you’ve enjoyed lately? Movie, show, book, pod, album?

Joshua Sitt: Theranos, the documentary on Elizabeth Holmes and her now-shut down health technology company. It displayed amazing content, details background and insight into how Elizabeth Holmes was able to deceive so many people, including those in her office, to believe that she created a working product that would revolutionize the industry. I learned a lot about human psychology, misperception and trickery. I also learned that we have to pay attention to the details of what we are engaged in. It is our job to educate ourselves on things we work for, invest in, speak about etc.

Noah Raf: Dreamville’s new project is on fire. A must listen. 

Peiman Raf: "Let My People Go Surfing" by Yvon Chouinard, the founder of Patagonia!


Chuhk Bennett: I really enjoyed the show Pen15 this year. Some musical artists I have really been enjoying are Part Time, Jessica Pratt, Francois Hardy and Dorothy Ashby. 

Mason Spector: In no specific order, my favorite content of the summer: New Bon Iver album, new Thug album, some tracks on the Blood Orange tape, Once Upon A Time In Hollywood, Anima, new Chapelle standup, Succession season 2, Righteous Gemstones. Also cant wait for Disney+ and Netflix to duke it out this fall.


Madhappy has had pop ups in 4 different cities, what is your dream city for a Madhappy pop up shop?

Joshua Sitt: Paris. I am specifically attracted to its authenticity and character. I love Parisian style, food, architecture and lifestyle. The streets are so god damn confusing but in a way that makes you want to wonder and get lost. Unlike 5th ave where all the best retailers are packed in one street, Paris holds so many gem stores throughout the city that you have to know of to find. So many brands I admire have come from the foundations and streets of Paris. Moreover, we executed our first ever collaboration with ex-retailer Colette. That collaboration changed the course of our brand and I am thankful to have worked with the iconic retailer on St. Honore before their closing. I am excited for the day we incorporate Parisian culture into our brand.

Noah Raf: Paris! Epicenter of fashion. 2020 perhaps?! :)

Peiman Raf: International cities that I have never been to: Japan, Seoul, Hong Kong :)

Chuhk Bennett: If I got to choose one place to have our pop up it would probably be Japan. Most of the people that have inspired me in regards to fashion have either been from japan or adapted their styles but have a japanese foundation. I admire a lot of things about the japanese culture and haven't been able to travel there yet. I think our brand could find a new home in the japanese fashion culture.

Mason Spector: Having a pop up in the cities where I feel the most at home would be pretty special. Detroit, Totonto/Algonquin.

The End.