About Us

At Madhappy, we’re on a mission to create conversation around mental health. The Local Optimist is here to make those conversations easier. 

Opening up about our mental health has been dismissed as taboo for far too long. With TLO, we hope to break down those walls and create a safe space for discussion around the many different ways that we feel. From expert-vetted toolkits and guides to personal essays and interviews, we’re bringing important conversations about our wellbeing into the light and uplifting each other in the process.

What started as a personal journey for our founders has led to an incredible community built around optimism and openness. Our team of editors, writers and mental health professionals each has their own story that connects them closely to this work. Together we share in the belief that our minds deserve the same level of attention and care that we give our bodies. Our content is here to help everyone prioritize that care on a daily basis.

  • Research-backed toolkits and educational guides
  • Personal essays and interviews that decrease stigma
  • In-person and virtual events promoting mental wellness
  • Partnerships with mental health nonprofits like The JED Foundation

Mason Spector

Nickname: Mas 

Sign: Gemini

Favorite Movie: The Tree of Life 

Favorite Artist: Justin Vernon / Kendrick Lamar

Jessica Schiffer

Nickname: Schiff / Bug

Sign: Capricorn

Favorite Movie: Harold and Maude

Favorite Artist: Sade / Frank Ocean

Hallie Belle Sheinbaum

Nickname: Hals / HB

Sign: Gemini 

Favorite Movie: Good Will Hunting

Favorite Artist: Queen / Billie Eilish

Ravi Shah

Nickname: Rav

Sign: Libra

Favorite Movie: The Social Network

Favorite Artist: Daft Punk

Andrew Wetmore

Nickname: Drew

Sign: Pisces

Favorite Movie: Billy Madison

Favorite Artist: Yung Gud / Yves Tumor

Carter Tesh

Nickname: CT
Sign: Capricorn
Movie: Ferris Bueller's Day Off
Artist: Frank Ocean